Thursday, October 4, 2018


The morning after we arrived in Bear Valley Springs in 1984 we awoke to a foot of snow.  Our sweet realtor had arranged for us to stay in a double-wide ‘way on top of the mountain. …heated by electricity. … which quit.  We couldn’t cook. It was cold.  Ted’s Gold Wing Honda was parked by the front door. … gleaming and beckoning.  We hopped on and went flyin’ down the mountain for breakfast at a little country café in Keene   One more time, I was hanging on for dear life behind Ted Stone, on a motorcycle,  as we raced into a new ministry in a new community.  

Most of Bear Valley Springs residents were retired. …not true anymore. A third of a century later the little church we came to build is bursting with young families. Kevin, the pastor calls all the kids up to the platform every Sunday morning for the “Surprise Box”. Yesterday it was Family Sunday so the kids stayed in Big Church.  I like that.  I really like that. …but not every Sunday.  …because Kevin is teaching through “Ecclesiastes”. …a very serious Book.  In fact, it is not possible to read Ecclesiastes and smile at the same time.   A long time ago I taught through That Book in a big ol’ church in the ritzy part of Houston. The women did not have Bibles;  I suggested that they buy one. …which they did.  I do not know exactly how, or I would market the formula, but most of the women came to know Jesus, left that church, went down the road and joined The Baptists.  I haven’t taught That Book since.

My son Jeff changed his major from “Engineering” to “Psychology” when he read That Book.  “Since nothing lasts except God, His Word and people, I guess I had better invest in Those Three.”  Like his dad, our son has spent his life pouring the Word of God into people.  I am a blessed mamma. …and grandma. Maybe I will tell you more about my family in these blogs.  Maybe. 

God never changes.  Hang onto that, because EVERYTHING ELSE DOES! 

Love,  Jo