Friday, December 29, 2017

More than...

we ask or think.  He gives us many scriptures to urge us to wait to hear His voice before doing something we'll regret.  Here's one:  Psalm 40:1-3.  The first words of  David's are: "I waited patiently for the Lord."  Come on, Dave.  I don't think you're talking about the time you took another man's wife to bed, then had her husband murdered. Uhh, how did that work for ya' ?

Many other times  in David's life  he did it right.  He did "wait patiently"; therefore God did, and God does six things.  He turns to us; He listens;  He lifts us up out of a horrible pit;  He sets our feet on a Rock; He establishes us on a new path. ...and then the granddaddy of them all:  He puts a new song in our mouth. A song of Praise!

A several-day Christmas is about to slip into Family History. Six grandchildren came in from as far away as Pennsylvania and Idaho.  There's a fresh, new song of PRAISE in my mouth.

               OLD HYMN

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up with wings of  eagles.
They shall run and not be weary;
They shall walk and not be faint.
Teach me Lord;   teach me,  Lord
To wait. 

Love,  Jo

BTW: Some of your beautiful birthday and Christmas cards are slowly landing at my  address which  is 24701 Deertrail.  Tehachapi, California. 93561. We lost our fancy post office. It went broke. I get my mail down the road  in an old fashioned mail box.

Friday, December 22, 2017

We stress

Of course we do. "Taking every thought captive" just may be one of the most ridiculous admonitions in scripture. It's easier in the daytime. At night?  Not so much. I don't see that Paul got that one completely mastered either. ...but then we are not to compare our faith with anybody else's, are we?

So what do we do with the fears that creep into our subconscious mind at night when our conscious mind goes to sleep? Well, there are options.  I can get up and eat. Bad choice. I can turn on my cell phone to scripture and listen and do my best to believe His promises.  In the summertime I can look up at the stars, behold, believe and trust Him better. ...but this is wintertime. Snow is on the ground.  I can snuggle Bootsie up under the covers and fool myself into thinking a three pound cat can protect me from the boogie man. OR I can believe that Jesus' face is turned toward me as I cry myself to sleep.  ... which I do. ...sometimes.

Eventually, morning comes. Coffee in hand, cell phone turned on to scripture, a new day begins. From Somewhere, comes new strength.  I rise up like an eagle, catch a thermal and glide. ...refusing to plummet down and down into the chicken coop where a rooster struts about, crowing and reminding the flock that he is king. In that crowded place, the hens cluck, pick and peck, ignoring one another's boundaries. There are no "boundaries" in a chicken coop.

Eagles don't flock. Neither do they flap their wings. Rather, they touch wings. Encouraged, they fly apart to tend to their own business.

Many of you have "touched wings" during this Christmas season. Thank you. Please do it again. ...and again. We so need each other's reminder that He is...

Coming again; coming again. 
Maybe morning, maybe noon
Maybe evening  and maybe soon.
Coming again; coming again.
Oh, what a wonderful Day that will be.
Jesus is coming again!!

Love, Jo

Saturday, December 16, 2017

King of Kings

Friday night I attended a magnificent concert presented by the Tehachapi Symphony Orchestra and the Messiah Choir.  With neighbors and a friend I sat in wonder amidst a packed audience to hear Handel's "Messiah".  Dear friends, I played harpsichord and organ for years in that outstanding orchestra.  Last night was different. I was not a performer. I could really listen and deeply feel the meaning of the scriptures, thrillingly sung by the seventy-voice choir. Our Lord Jesus Christ is truly God-in-the-flesh and one day, every knee will bow as He is crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Oh, how we all need reminding and reassurance of this fact.

Thursday was my 89th birthday. Five beautiful young women surrounded me at a round table as we listened to Michele Lawrence sing at a luncheon in town. She is one of the lovely ones the Lord has sent here to study His Word. Michele spent years in the entertainment world. Now she writes music and sings for Christ. Listen, if you desire on YouTube at:

I love you. I want to hear what Christ is doing in and through you.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords;
King of Kings and Lord of Lord.
And He shall reign for ever and ever.
And He shall reign forever and ever.

Love, Jo

Friday, December 8, 2017

"...and the government

shall be upon His shoulders". Won't THAT be a relief? 

I will be 89 next week  I want to know HIM as best I can before I meet Him face-to-face.

Maybe at the end of this year you are re-focusing. ...maybe dumping some trash that is keeping you from fixing your eyes only upon Him. DO it!

I love this season when old friends connect. please connect.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus;
Look full in His Wonderful Face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the Light of His Glory and Grace.

Love, Jo

Friday, December 1, 2017


I had two. squished between a cream-colored curly- tailed hundred and fifteen pound Pyrenees and a frisky black lab or ride Amtrak to and from Sacramento. The rest of my Bear Valley family traveled by truck to celebrate Thanksgiving with the California/Pennsylvania Stones. My family is life-giving. ...energizing. Son and son-in-law and I sat out in the back yard under a wintry sky and fed logs into Jeff's wood-burning stove while the laughter poured out from the games going on inside.

Back on my mountain, it's a sunny fall day. The sky is blue with not a cloud in sight.  I sat on my deck at sunrise and sang "Blue skies, smiling at me. Nothin' but blue skies do I see."  Down below were three bucks and a half dozen does. ...cavorting.  In the trees the birds were greeting one another with a chirp and a song. Snow is a comin' and they will soon fly away. Puss'n, The Aristocat,  was sleeping in, still snoozing on my bed.  Boots, The Mighty Hunter was sitting on his brisket,  staring at a gopher hole. Later, he deposited what was left of the poor critter at my feet.

There is lots of Christmas music coming up between now and the day.  I am content to listen to the younger ones perform the "Messiah"  and  cantatas after years of leading and participating in the season's magnificent music. I have had a rich, full life of  giving away the music He has given me. It's not over.

Life is GOOD.  God is GOOD!  I hang out with the next two generations. Their world is being battered and threatened.  Grandparents, stay armed and involved! We're not through yet.

Bring them in; bring them in.
Bring them in from their world of (unthinkable) sin.
Bring them in; bring them in.
Bring the wandering lambs to Jesus.

Love,  Jo