Friday, August 3, 2018

Old is good.

I start every morning on my deck, listening to scripture.  Hooty the Owl Who Who's his parting call  as an awakening dog down below begins to communicate with a buddy across the valley.  The sun peeks over the mountain to the east and this is today.  It's not yesterday, and it's not tomorrow. This is today!  I open an old hymnal, read and sing words that I have not sung in years.  Here's one, written in the mid 1800's:

Must Jesus bear the cross alone, and all the world go free?
No, there's a cross for everyone, and there's a cross for me.

How happy are the saints above who once went sorrowing here.
But now they taste unmingeled love and joy without a tear.

The consecrated cross I'll bear 'til death shall set me free
And then go Home,  my crown to wear,  for there's a crown for me

Upon the crystal pavement, down at Jesus' pierced feet;
Joyful, I'll cast my golden crown, and His dear Name repeat.  

If you're bugged that I am quoting hymns about Heaven, get over it.  I'm goin'  Home. In His time.  So are you.  Until then, I am going about the business of listening to scripture,  entertaining strangers, taking them into scripture if they're willing, studying scripture every Thursday with the next generation,  enjoying summertime guests from down below,  leading Singalongs from my keyboard,  writing and receiving daily messages of God's do'ins on other continents and across our wonderful nation and loving the fellowship at the church we were sent here to build thirty-four years ago.

I am blessed. Tell me about your blessings.

Love,  Jo