Saturday, January 2, 2016

Maybe this time...

I do it on the first day of January every year.  With fresh enthusiasm I begin to read through the Bible, make it until mid- summer, fall behind and quit. Maybe this time...

Genesis. The biographies are as disappointing as the breaking news on TV.  God has given us women great ability to influence for good.  Eve didn't. Adam let her influence him and she hated him for it. They probably called each other names that hadn't been invented yet as they scrambled around looking for leaves to cover their private parts. God was due any minute for their evening stroll. Hurry, Adam!

Sarah.  Same scenio. Her impatience with God led to her hatred of Abraham for being weak by listening to her. They exchanged some unprintable names until both repented. Finally Sarah called him "lord".  Abe confessed his sin and "his prayers were no longer hindered". After Sarah died Abe married a young one (They usually do) who gave him a passel of progeny.

Rebecca? Ditto. She taught her competitive sons how to lie, cheat and be deceptive. It's mostly an ugly story.

My heart hurts for Lot's daughters. He told the homosexual men who were beating his door down to go ahead and rape his daughters instead of his male guests who happened to be two angels. They stepped up to the dad-plate and protected those girls from a night of horror and probable death. Could the daughters ever really trust their dad after that? Could their mother?  I wonder if that's the reason she didn't want to leave town with this man she married.  Women don't have a very good "forgetter". As the girls hid in a cave with their dad after their frantic flight from Sodom, they realized that their biological clocks were ticking. One of them said to the other: "Why not? they got their dad so drunk he didn't even know he'd carried on the family name.  As those kids grew up,what did these moms say to their two offspring?  "O.K., this is your father/grandfather. We know it's quirky,  but it is what it is!"

The Lord sure can pick 'em, but their stories aren't any messier than ours . Somebody's going to have to pay. You know what happened between then and the end of the story. Jesus paid! Soon He will be crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He shall reign forever... and ever...and ever...and ever!  Hal-le-lu-jah!