Friday, February 1, 2019

Love and Truth

Ted and I met her when we spoke at an event.  She came to us and asked to come for counseling. In one session we knew this lady deserved the best we could give her.  She came into our home and lived with us for several months. 

Let’s call her “Roselle”. She would like that. Her favorite color was rose. 

Sexual abuse is horrible.  Spiritual abuse is worse.  Many times this precious one had gone to the altar in her church for healing.  The ulcers on her legs remained and worsened; body weight increased. She was told she did not have enough faith to be healed.  Lies weigh so much.

Now she was fifty years old...exhausted from years of satan’s accusations,  the loss of four babies that died in her womb,  sacrificial  ministry, the mothering of nine foster children and adoption of three.  All the while she guarded the secret of her uncle’s sexual assaults from even her own conscious mind...but her soul knew; her body knew. Her spirit was wounded to near collapse.  If the lies remained hidden from her mind there would be no healing.  Little girl cries came from deep within her...many in the night. I held her, Ted held me and the Lord held all three of us.

The evil one resisted releasing some of the memories. As the lies were supplanted by God’s Truth, gradually the fears subsided and the cries ceased. There was no hurrying the work of the Holy Spirit. In His time Roselle went to her home,  then resumed ministry until the Lord took her Home... last week. She had called a month or so ago; we made a tentative date to play pinochle. “You saved my life.”  No, we didn’t.  His Love and Truth set her free. 

Did Ted and I have the “gift of healing”?  Of course not.  We had His gift of love, laced with His powerful Word.  Nothing else is needed.

Love, Jo

Tinnitus report: The crickets still cricket and the truck still revs its motor...but not quite as loud.  Now,  who is going to come and play pinochle with me?    J