Thursday, February 7, 2019

Good King; Bed King

Mr. President: I liked your speech.  Some didn’t.  You might want to hire a cup bearer, just to be on the safe side.

Nehemiah, in the Bible had been a cup-bearer in Persia for Queen Esther’s husband, King Artie something.  He took a break from that job to build a wall ...a thousand miles to the Jerusalem.  Most people thought he was nuts. You two have that in common.  This man trusted God with his whole heart while satan let fly every trick he had up his sleeve.   BUT, the wall went up! record time.

Since you are a speed writer on Twitter you may be a speed reader , between meetings with today’s world leaders, you would do yourself a favor by reading the bio of long-ago King Hezekiah.  He started out humble...admittedly not knowing his right foot from his left. That gave God a huge advantage...but his wife secretly worshiped a fertility goddess...and so their son filled with alligators the very swamp his daddy had drained.

 Good King. Bad King.  If we read the record of the kings in one fell swoop our emotions fly right off the track.  Best to take it in chunks.

I am ninety years old and my thoughts are still not His, nor are my ways His either.   Mr. President. Donald: Do not, for a minute “lean unto your own understanding”.  But of course, being human, you will.

Out here in wacko California, not all of us have bowed the knee to Baal.  May that give you hope for the country.

Your friend,

Jo Stone