Thursday, November 8, 2018


Old age is hard.  Our bodies become weaker by the day. We are tired. …so very tired of the battle with the world, the flesh and the devil.  If,  during our life on this earth we have failed to fully believe and embrace the fact that the Blood of Christ has cleansed us from all guilt, shame and blame, and there is one sliver of dependency for our worth upon the way others treat us,  that’s the “sliver”  satan will wiggle through. 

 I came from a critical family.  Words of encouragement were never said.  I am not speaking of  :"flattery".   Result:  When I came to Christ the first scripture I memorized was Proverbs 16:7:  When a man's ways please the Lord He makes even his enemies to be at peace with Him.  You won't be surprised to read that my struggle all my life has been about people pleasing.  Being the wife of a pastor was especially hard for me.  One of the great joys of my life is encouraging all of you who labor in God's vineyards in this nation and around the globe.   

I can’t know what the motives are in someone else.  I wouldn’t bet the rent on whether I even know my own all the time.    I take refuge in I Corinthians 5:1-5.  Sometimes I read it through streaming tears.  God says He is saving those tears in bottles.  When we are with Him, I believe we will cry them privately, with just Him.   Won’t that be GLORIOUS? Over and over, in scripture we are reassured of how wonderful “glory” will be.  We used to sing a hymn about it.  Remember?

“ Oh, that will be glory for me.  Glory for me. Glory for me.  When by His grace I shall look on His face. That will be glory;  be glory for me.”

 There is nothing to compare that “glory” with on this earth; therefore God doesn’t even try. He simply tells us again and again, that despite the agonies we endure here,  in Heaven there will be absolutely NONE.  Ol’ black Ethel Waters used to say:  “God don’ waste no agony.”  That dear saint has been in Heaven for years.  Now she knows for sure that what she said is true.

Friday, November 9th I have a cat scan.  If the darned aortic aneurism had burst I would be dead.  If it is leaking, something besides surgery may be available. If we have never mastered “waiting"  before, we will have to get better at it.  I have become confused by having so many doctors and tests.  My own doctor of many years retired and it has been frustrating to find a new one that will explain what is going on.  Lots of you who read this blog are aged. You will understand everything I am writing. I am  still here to pray and listen if you want to call me.  Email me first and I will give you my phone number. 

 Much love for you, my fellow Pilgrims.