Friday, June 15, 2018

Advancing Through Adversity

I swiped that title from a message my dear husband delivered many years ago in our first pastorate in Bakersfield, California. My Ted understood that biblical churches are built upon encouraging the sheep to bear the lambs. Ted was a very humble man, not even wanting to be addressed as "Pastor", "Reverend" or "Doctor". He was all three; yet he was, simply, "Ted". 

Most lost people do not know that God loves them. If these precious people are open to the Gospel the Holy Spirit will make that clear.  Some of you Calvinists will add: "...IF they are chosen".  Oh, get off of it!  That's none of yours or my business.  I will ask you exactly what my husband asked Christians: "How many non-Christian friends do you have?"

Many lost people gag at even the word "church".  There are several in my life right now who are "gagging". I love them. I feed them. That's what Jesus told us to do. ...just before He left. 

Every adult who comes to Christ comes with a little bit or a big bucket of pain.  Here's a Ted'ism: "The human mind cannot understand more than the emotions can absorb."  We must go into "discipleship" knowing this. There will be sacrifice. You will no longer be a "target" for satan. You will be his BULLSEYE!  You will learn to "Advance Through Adversity". 

Paul clearly admonished Timothy to spend time only with "reliable" people.  That's II Timothy 2:2. Like the rest of us Paul made some mistakes by spending time with people who used him for their own advantage.  We learn to be discerning.  WE DON'T QUIT! . 

...but you knew all that, didn't you?  What are you doing with it? 


Love,  Jo