Friday, April 20, 2018

Get over it!

"Get over it". That's really what Paul was saying to Euodia and Syntyche in Philippians 4.  

There is an Euodia  ("Odius") in the church I attend. I try to avoid her but sometimes she corners me. The Syntyche  ("Soon Touchy") in me struggles with wanting to deck her. 

The other day the garbage disposal wouldn't dispose. Pipes broke and water leaked all over the floor.  On the same day my new Shark vacuum cleaner wouldn't vac. I went to my Honda truck with the mission in mind to make a run to Home Deport to return the kitchen flooring I had bought  (...the kitchen flooring that was to replace the warped flooring that got that way from the refrigerator filter that leaked).  An unfriendly "ping" greeted me from under the hood.  I never lift the hood and would have no idea what to do if I did. A little green wrench appeared in a square behind the steering wheel. It was late in the day.  I deep-sixed my plan to go into town to Home Depot. 

 I visited my repertoire of things to do when everything feels out of control.  I decided to move my living room furniture around into a more inviting configuration.  Sometimes,  engaging in something physically exhausting gives me a sense of control over something.
I fell into a troubled sleep.  

Arising very early the next morning with the goal of having a productive day,  I shuffled to the kitchen to fill the coffee maker with water. Needing an energy kick I chose Bold Guatemala Caffeine.  Something black flopped around in the sink. It was alive. It was a bat. ugly, ominous-looking night critter.  I grabbed some paper towels,  squished him/her/it and ran out the door with broom in hand and beat that bat to death. Oooh, that felt good!!

Now, human bats that whoosh around our heads in the daytime must be handled in a somewhat gentler fashion.  I'm workin' on it. 

"Oh, wretched man (woman) that I am. Who shall deliver me from the body of  this death?  I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord".  Romans 7:24,25 a.

Love,  Jo