Friday, October 13, 2017

Being Elderly. Part II

I have new neighbors. I have been included on their list of Tourist Attractions. Cathy and
Rick bring children and adults to meet "the lady who lives up the hill in a big house who tells true stories about wild animals and entertains from her piano".  Early every morning Cathy looks out her kitchen window to see if my garage door is open. Since this dear couple lives just a whoop and a holler down the road, who needs "Life Alert?"

Being elderly, as I mentioned last week has benefits.

1)  I can opt out of some meetings and relationships, leaning hard into scriptures like: "As much as is possible, if it lies within you,  live at peace with all men."

2)  Winter storms are coming. I can whisk out my Elder Trump Card and stay home.

3)  I can flip on my cell phone and listen to God's Word. ...just for myself.

4)  I can turn on one of several "devices" and listen to God's Word being taught by someone with mileage on their odometer.  I can blip off the youngster/preachers who seem to be blowin' in the wind.

5)  I can skip the clamorous noise that is currently touted as "worship" and sing hymns whose writers knew and depended upon powerful, biblical Truth.

6)  I can "cut off" entanglements and "fix my eyes upon Jesus,  the Author and Finisher of my faith."

7)  I can relish thinking about meeting my loved ones at The Gate, or In the Air.  ...whichever.

8.  I can't  "go into all the world" anymore, but I can "pray without ceasing". 

9.  I can , with joy turn over the teaching of God's Word to the younger disciples who come here for Bible study.

10.  I can wrap all who come into my life in God's love.


There is a place of quiet rest
A place where sin cannot molest
Near to the Heart of God.

Oh, Jesus, Blessed Redeemer
Sent from the heart of God.
Hold us who wait before thee
Near to the heart of God.  

Love,  Jo