Friday, May 26, 2017

Infinity Fix

My assignment has never changed. "Go and make disciples".  Those "disciples" come to me now because I cannot gto them. Their horrible situations tear at my soul. The ignorance of moral absolutes  is one thing; the knowing of moral absolutes and disobeying God is quite another. Some professing Christians who come pull the victim card. If they are desirous of knowing the Lord better and being conformed to His image I will take them into His Word, love and help them grow in discernment regarding the choices they make. After a time if it is obvious they prefer to return to their destructive lives,  I will, with love tell them goodbye. It is a terribly tough call.

Sometimes by evening I am heavy-hearted. I have named this "The Twilight Slump". When  I sense it coming on, I feed my soul on something beautiful, usually avoiding turning on the news because I am not up for hearing any more opinions.

Last night I stepped out on my deck, looked skyward and audibly uttered, "Oooooh!"   Pink clouds were tumbling all over one another. The sun was slipping over the mountain to the west and the sounds of night were slipping in. The crickets were cricketing and Hooty the owl was hoo hooing. I snuggled down in my warm bed and disciplined my mind to think on our wonderful Lord God Who is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and worthy of praise. The stars showed up and I slept.

How great Thou art;

Love,  Jo