Friday, December 21, 2018

Cherry Picking

 I walked out of my garage onto my driveway.  The morning sun was shining on three big bucks and their girlfriends.  We stared at each other.  Were they plotting to “do me in”  like the reindeer that ran over Grandma? 

I pulled up a chair,  took a first sip of fresh-made coffee and settled in to watch the wild life show.  After more staring,  the Big 'Un  made a decision,  rose to his full stature and bounded up the hillside that leads to the upper level of my property.  There stands the thousand-year-old Mighty Oak. "The Five" followed their leader,  leaping effortlessly.

Many years ago Ted and I sat in the swing under The Mighty Oak and prayed that many people in the beautiful Valley below us would come to Christ.  God is still answering that prayer.   Under the branches of  The Oak both of our sons were married to their beloveds.  For a third of a century many folk have gathered for fellowship while enjoying the splendor of Bear Valley a thousand feet below.  Grandchildren have climbed The Oak and pushed each other in a swing that still hangs from a high branch.  They stood on "Pride Rock",  imagining themselves to be Mufusa, the Lion King. 
 In centuries past, probably Kawaiisu Indian families lived in the summer beneath The Oak.  Here,  they may have ground acorns for food.  Pestles and grinding rocks are still being found in Bear Valley.  They roasted their wild game over an open fire;  slept,  conceived and raised their children on this mountain. The Mighty Oak saw it all. ...forcing its roots down and down so The Tree would not topple when assaulted by blizzards,  high winds and earthquakes.  This Oak and others on my property drink from deep running springs that never run dry.  I do not water these majestic trees lest the roots creep back up to the surface, causing the trees to weaken and fall. 

 If,  at this Christmastime we are feeling some sadness,  why wouldn't we?  We humans cherry pick our memories,  telling ourselves that all of our Christmases were white,  and all the family gathered in perfect harmony.  The truth is that most holidays were jammed with too many activities...too many command performances. ...too much travel. ...too many generations to please,  and we drew a sigh of relief when they were over. why don't we just be content with where we are in life and enjoy who and what we've got left?

What verse trumps the fray?    I would love to hear yours. 

Here's mine: Jesus said:  “Because I live, you also will live."   John 14:19

Love,  Jo