Friday, June 1, 2018


It's time to assess what I've got that works and use it.  I'm talking about my brain and my fingers. ...SO I've hauled out my keyboard to see if anyone still wants to hear me play on Friday nights at the Mulligan Room. ... under the stars.  I play smooth and soothing standards.  People who prefer "smooth and soothing" will show up;  others will be on their way to dine at the restaurant,  hear the music,  come and see if they want to order outside and listen.  Millennials will walk on by. 

Twilight will come as the sun slips over the mountain to the west. An evening breeze will caress the trees. ...tenderly.  "After the Loving"   will bring a tear to the eyes of a widow or widower.  Some people will sing;  a few will dance; others will just listen. ...and reminisce.

Dave, a great bass singer may show up.  When he belts out  "Ol Man River" or  "Sixteen Tons" you might hear him all the way to your house.  I may invite some other musicians who can pick up the tune of any song. We'll see. 

All is not dark in the world, because Jesus lives and so do we.

Love,  Jo