Monday, July 4, 2016

Thank You, Lord

Many of you have called from around the country to see if my home burned in the fire this weekend. Many have texted scriptures. How precious is the Body of Christ. TV stations were reporting that all of Bear Valley Springs residents had been evacuated.  That was not true.  Some sections, including my daughter's and mine were told that leaving was "mandatory".  We opted to stay put, pray, trust God and wait, Fire crews were able to cut fire lines at the top of the mountain to stop the raging fire from crossing over to our side.

On Saturday morning five people showed up to help me evacuate.  In times past Ted and  I have weathered blizzards in Minnesota, a flood in Kansas, a house fire and two hurricanes in Houston, that spun off a tornado a half block from our house.  Somehow I couldn't spring for packing up one more time, so packed the bare necessities, such as my kitty carrier with their food and litter at the ready; important papers, computer, keyboard (in case I would need to sit on a street corner and entertain for tips)  and a few clothes. The five of us sat in a circle in my garage, watched the helicopters carry water from our lakes, observed a stream of fire engines and cars speeding up and down the mountain, talked and prayed. The fire to the north (The Erskine Fire) took 240 homes. Our Bear Valley homes could have been next. The "all clear" came at 6 P.M. on Sunday. Probably all Bear Valley residents slept better that night. Monday,  the 4th, I felt numb. Each day I am snapping outta that. ...have to, because on Friday night I will be entertaining from my keyboard on the patio outside the Mulligan Room. Being able to remember every tune I ever heard without using any music is a mere talent. Everybody has a talent or two. Apparently my mind is still clicking on a few cylinders. I wish I could tell you that I can recite every scripture verse I ever heard.

Would you mind finding your own hymn to sing this time? ...then Email me what it is. You might want to check out a report from Jim Dobson on the web regarding Donald Trump.

May we all hover closely to our dear Father, staying anchored in His Word.

Love,  Jo