Friday, September 27, 2013

Whistle while you work!

Lately, as I write,  I have been tromping around in the far distant past when Ted and I were first born again. The need for personal discipleship was so deep-set in us at that time, that discipling became our assignment for life.  You serve a God Whose Kingdom is unshakeable, so what do any of us have to fear? 

My living room is filling up with beautiful women who mostly have  husbands that would duck and run if they knew what their wives are about to get them into: discipleship. This Thursday group is  exclusive and they are figuring that out. I won't let them bring their friends for me to minister to with the Word. They are being equipped to do that themselves.

God could yet bless us with a revival in this country. Many Christians are becoming scared enough to get out of their salt shakers and shake some salt into their worlds.  ...  I think. When the Wind of the Spirit blew across this land in the late '60's and 70's, people were divided over the Viet Nam War. Everybody was uneasy.  We were in Viet Nam during that War for a short period of time, alongside Godly Christians. We are going to meet whole tribes of people in Heaven who came to Christ during that time.  Many of our military men were sharing Christ with the nationals.

O.K., finally Ted's sermons have joined his devotionals. If you want to listen to Ted's podcasts or sermons you can click on one of the following links:  12 Stones Legacy, or go directly to Ted's Podcasts; or you can go to iTunes to listen or subscribe to your smartphone or iPod. There will be two more sermons posted soon. If these messages have not come up yet, they will. It takes some time.

Here is a list of Ted's serrmons that I have been able to find. You will receive encouragement to keep on keeping on in whatever stage of discouragement you find yourself.

1) Why Discipleship is Imperative.
2) Present Your Bodies: Romans 12:, 13 and 19. 
3) Gifts of the Spirit (Romans 12:3-15;
4) Righteous/or Rebellious:  Psalm 1
5) Deprivationn of the Rich: Mark 10:23-31
6) The Right Ambition: Mark 10:32-44
7) By What Authority Mark 11:27-12:12
8) Be Alert: Don't Go to Sleep:  Mark 13:14
9) He is Risen...It's Friday, but Sunday's comin'
10) Effecting Biblical Change: Jeremiah 12:23
11) Homesteaders/Pioneers: Matthew 9:16,17
12) Breaking the Sound Barrier: Colossians 3:18-4:1

I joined my music partner, Gayel,  and three old fiddlin' and guitar playin' men last Saturday night and we played lickety-split music for a contra dance.  A contra dance is sorta like a square dance.

                            HYMN: OH FOR A THOUSAND TONGUES TO SING

My gracious Master and my God, assist me to proclaim
To spread through all the earth abroad,
The honors of Thy Name

He breaks the power of canceled sin; He sets the prisoner free
His blood can make the foulest clean,
His blood availed for me.