Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Dangerous Duo

George Fraser and Ted Stone were a dangerous duo. Both were idea men who saw no reason not to trust God to carry out their ideas. Both were great team men and neither wanted any glory for himself. They have been in Heaven together with the Lord for a week now and I suspect they aren't even close to running out of conversation. George's Memorial yesterday at First Presbyterian Church in Bakersfield was packed to capacity. All on the program talked about a different phase of George's life. Much time was given by Chaplains for George was proud of his time in the service. George had instructed everyone as to what he wanted them to say. He wanted the Gospel clearly presented and his wishes were honored. The highly gifted Dodson family provided the finest quality of music. The Dodson's daughter married Celia and George's son. there ya go:spectacular free concert music that wove all through the service at the gravesite and at the church.

Many tried to explain George. I admired that man so much. Ted played a major part in launching George into ministry (George showed up at our door one night and announced: "I quit my job. Disciple me!") and George showed up at a strategic time in our lives by way of a phone call when we were still in Houston. "Ted, we need you back in Kern County. I have seen what you did here when you pastored Fruitvale/River Lakes to bring churches and ministries together and you've done the same thing in Houston. We are in a virtual Bible belt here and it's getting messy. Would you come back?"

Ted: "George, we've been in the church-without-walls ministry here in Houston for seven years and Jo longs to have another pastorate." ...dead silence on the other end of the phone. George:"Well, I don't understand it, but if you want a pastorate, there are about forty people up on Bear Mountain that are ready for a church". The set-aside acreage was begging for a building, so Ted hired a chief and challenged the folk to become Indians alongside him, and by golly, that gorgeous church went up. I visited there recently and can practically see Ted hanging from the rafters as he hammered and painted and encouraged.

Ted helped George launch Interns for Christ which morphed into Titus Task Force International. George finished his manual not long before Hospice moved in to try to save his life.  I suggest that you buy it: "Titus Task Force Operational Manual", (Infinity Publishing) read it and give it to your leadership.  Mike Loehrer, local pastor friend read it and said, "Where has this been? We have needed it for so long." George then endorsed Mike's book, "Ego-less Elders" which is being printed right now. Westbo Publishing, a part of Thomas Nelson Publishing.

I am walking without much of a limp, my energy is gradually returning. I did not know if I would survive this last onslaught. What will I do now? What I've always done: studying (There is so much I don't know.), teaching, discipling and counselling. I am freer than I have ever been to have my mornings for study and prayer. How I love those mornings.

Twice now when I have come this far with the blog it has disappeared. If you find it floating out there somewhere trash it. It had its chance!  SO, I am quitting before this one disappears too. I will never conquer a computer. It's gonna get me first. .


Must Jesus bear the cross alone and all the world go free?
No, there's a cross for everyone and there's a cross for me.

How happy are the saints above who once went sorrowing here
But now they taste unmingled love and joy without a tear. 

Love, Jo