Saturday, February 18, 2012

Under His Wings

I wouldn’t want you to think that breaking your hip bone is just one big barrel of wonderful fun, but it isn’t all bad. I’ve always wanted to visit Buckingham Palace at the changing of the guard but it looks as if I‘ll have to settle for the changing of my nursing shift. I still have to have ‘round the clock attention because nobody trusts me not do something stupid and break the other leg. Each nurse brings her own ideas of what is required to keep my system and the house system running smoothly. My refrigerator has never been so clean; my pantry has never been so organized. My daughter, winner of the blue ribbon for organization, keeps the meds, the food, the scheduling of people visits, the cat’s and my contentment all running without a hitch.
In an hour I’ll counsel a dear couple because I stubbornly refuse to leave them hanging out to dry while I lie around in bed waiting for my body to be happy again.
Laney, oldest grand girl from Sacramento and Lizzie second oldest grand girl from Azusa Pacific just left after two days of taking care of their gramma’s every need. My king size bed last night was covered with grandkids and family. I cannot tell you how deeply their coming has helped to heal my broken heart as well as my broken hip. The pain level still runs high without medication but hopefully I’ll be able to kick the drug habit as the pain diminishes. Kate Walker, our pastor’s daughter, begins her vigilance of four days over me this evening.
I’ve taken a three week break from teaching my teenagers. Jerry Parks, preacher’s son, who murdered a man, went to San Quentin when he was a kid and was miraculously exonerated before being taken to death row, has been teaching my kids. He’ll do anything to keep young people from screwing up their lives like he did. The kids love him and I may never get my job back. I’ll head back into 1 John 3 with the Wednesday girls next week. I’ve missed them so much.
As I tell you every week I am one blessed lady. I cry a lot but it’s because of His amazing grace.

Hymn of the week:
Under His Wings
Under His wings; Oh what precious enjoyment;
There will I hide til life’s trials are o’re,
Sheltered, protected, no evil can harm me.
Resting in Jesus I’m safe ever more.
Under His wings, under His wings,
Who from His loves can sever?
Under His wings my soul shall abide,
Safely abide forever.

My dear friend, Floyd, consummate, southern gentlemen to the core, slipped forever into Jesus’ embrace this week. He and Judy had come to visit me from Texas just a short time ago. Ted was there in the cloud of witnesses to greet yet another one of his brothers in Christ.